One can always review, evaluate and debate the worthiness of an official outing. In a debate there will always be two sides of the coin…heads ( pro’s, positives) or tails ( con’s and negatives. When reflecting on the GO BIG SUMMER SEASON CAR SHOW, the views expressed will lead to interesting conclusions.



This static Car Show was staged on the rolling manicured yellowing drought stricken-lawns, which roll from the traffic gridlocked Marine Drive to the gentle surf caressing the sandy shores of Hobie Beach, by the GO BIG  Events Organisation. ( sponsored at a astronomical prices  by the Nelson Mandela Municipality, utilizing rate payers finances, nogal !).To conclude the picture….The weather and the setting was magnificent. The golden beaches were covered with colourful umbrella’s and many bared celestial bodies, which was pleasing to the eye’s of connoisseurs’ beach strollers or strandloper’s eye. The Indian Ocean painted a brilliant spill of white and  blue surf and the gentle  south easterly provided just sufficient cooling so as not to hinder one with the excessive output of the UV rays. The weather was doing better job than a beautician’s sun-bed….and to add to the Wonders of Nature a large Whale entertained the observant  crowds by frolicking in the distant ocean. ……waving its large tail as it disappeared in the depths …just to rise again for the Encore.



Eight Triumphs and their respective family members, all of the local Triumph Clan had gathered at Neapolis (Bob’s Place) and proceeded in convey to this ideal summer place location to select the ideal (dustless) spot on the scenic beachfront. The Triumphs were prominently displayed in the prime spot. ( A most impressive array of British made vehicles). Jon planted the flag pole and hoisted the Triumph emblem, which immediately proudly spread its exquisite colours, in all its glory, for all to admire. Beyers proved to be most ingenious.  With a wave of his magic wand he extracted a bag of tricks from the boot of the minute Spittie to retrieved a ingenious shade-providing zig-zag gazebo. This was sheer magic. One merely pulled and pushed, connected pipes and the frame work was up, stable and erected. The shade cloth was spread over the top, blotting out the scorching rays of the sun. Next he returned to the minute boot of his Spittie. What next? …Was Beyer’s going to bring out the proverbial rabbit or release the peace doves to GO BIG and commemorate Our Rainbow Nations Reconciliation Day? . No, he is most definitely angling for another Smartie Award of the Year. Folding Camp Chairs- for- all materialized. Members of the Triumph Clan soon gathered , and were comfortably seated in the shade, relaxing and waiting ( in keen anticipation) for the rest of the Madiba Bay motoring fraternity to arrive…..afterall this was to be the GO BIG SUMMER SEASON CAR SHOW !



It would have been a long wait…if we had waited!. Only three clubs other arrived to exhibit their marques ( ie. The Northern Suburbs modified and brilliantly Overhauling-designed- sprayed Ford Capri’s; The Tri Bike Club, complete with their magnificent machines fitted hi-fi blaring -3-wheelers, which would have competed with the creations of Orange County Bike Builders ( Discovery Channel) and on lonely DKW from the EPVCC.


This brings one to the ultimate question which has been debated at many a Noggin in recent times. Are Static Motor Shows worth the spit and polish which go into the preparation of these events?



There are those in favour, who will raise their hands. The Triumphs on this occasion received much attention and the sunbathers flocked to admire the exhibits. Motoring enthusiasts armed with a plethora of camera accessories has a field day pointing their lenses at the finer details of the marque. Other Triumph clan spouses and family, after looking at the limited car display, utilised the occasion of  finding  an ideal parking spot on the sea shore, to disappeared and enjoyed the surf and sand and having fun in the  sun.  Others remained in the shade to control the maddening crowds admiring the Triumphs…and enjoying the ONE cold Coke generously sponsored by the Organisers….or they watched the Whales, at play,  in the Bay ,which saved them travelling all the way to Hermanus – the Whale Mecca of South Africa.





Interesting note that one previously disadvantaged South African citizen even made use of the occasion of Reconciliation to occupy Ole Yella’s driving seat, gripping the sparkling beech wood steering wheel and smiling at the candid digital camera had this memory recorded for prosperity.  It made her day.


Maybe next year, when the organisers of the GO BIG Summer Season Car Show, approaches the Club to exhibit our cars, we should accept the invitation with the aim enjoying the preferential prime spot, adjacent to Hobie Beach, with its populated celestial bodies sun-worshippers, erect Beyer’s gazebo, relax in the shade, on the folding camp chairs, pitch the children’s camp tents ( in anticipation of the GO BIG Fireworks Display) and enjoy some Fun in the sun,  surf and sand….enjoying tasty comestibles and sipping camouflaged refreshments ……and perhaps the Whale will come  back frolicking in the Bay. The Club could even charge an appearance fee…raising much needed funds for the Club.



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