The 3rd Annual Smarties  Run followed by a bring and braai, and a the large MTN  screen viewing of the Formula 1, enjoyed great support from club members. The weather was great and members had no excuse for snuggling into the blankets because of inclement winter weather. We enjoyed a record attendance with 21 members and 10 Triumphs. It was especially gratifying to see …seldom seen….Mike Koch’s TR6, Mike O’Donoghue’s Spitfire and also Beyer’s Spifire out on the road.


It is often said that Port Elizabeth is like the City of Rome. It has  7 hills with valleys and kloofs in between. This year the route followed the leafy tree lined avenues of Walmer and then visited the central historical second hill with landmarks such as the St George’s Park with the Prince Alfred Guards War Memorial, Cora Terrace, the Campanile, Feather Market Hall, Opera House, the Donkin Reserve and Lighthouse, The Old Grey Institute in Belmount Terrace and the  newly  renovated Parliament Street and the Horse Memorial. After visiting the historical sites which highlighted the history of the city the Triumphs took to the freeway to the MTN Centre. This provided an opportunity to clean the carbon out the chambers.


At the MTN Centre Mike and Lorinda welcomed the members. Soon all were busy preparing lunch on the glowing coals before moving to the board room to enjoy watching Hamilton win the Formula 1 race,….. much to the delight of his sole supporter Mike O’Donaghue, for the first time in 2009. We must thank Mike and MTN for making their facilities available to the club and for the generous hand-outs.


The organiser of the Smartie Run wishes to apologize for the missing clues on the various memorials. These were removed to scrap dealers between compiling the question sheet and the actual event. ….after all we are living in the new South Africa.


Well done Jon and Lesley on completing the question sheets and becoming the Smarties  for the 2009 Smarties Run.






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