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Chassis no CR 1266

Built 07/03/1973

Delivered 02/04/1973 to Glasgow

Original color: French Blue, Black interior

Factory fitted: Overdrive, Seatbelts, Headrest, Heater, 165X15 Dunlop SP tires.


Somehow over the years the car found it´s way from cold and wet Scotland down to sunny South Africa and received a more aggressive looking paintjob in Signalred.


In my opinion the colors best suiting the TR6 are Signalred, British Racing Green and Dark Blue.

Such is life: I have now a car which was originally Red and is now Blue (the TR4A) and one which was originally Blue and is now Red.


After I bought the car in February 2009, refurbishment started immediately.

S/S exhaust system, rebuild of the front suspension (all parts powder-coated) with new shock absorbers and Polyurethane bushes.

The original Vinyl panels could be saved after a thorough cleaning but the seats needed new covers and cushions.

While stripping the seats I found the original covers still underneath the one´s we had to replace.

This was a tremendous help to tailor the new leather covers after the original pattern.

Lots of DW 40 loosened the rusted recliner mechanism and all works and looks as new.


The interior of the boot is all new and the rear end received new black paint as the old one had faded.


A set of new rubber, 205/65/15, replaced the 30 year old tires and transformed the handling to modern standards.


Where we go from here together time will show, but I´m sure the car has the potential to be another price winner.


2010: Rear suspension overhauled


- Goldmedal Concourse D' Elegance at club concourse 2010 Port Elizabeth.






"BLUE FLAME" SOLD to Helen From Scotland

Chassis no CTC 55870-O
Built 03/06/1965
Delivered 19/06/1965 to Rhodesia
Original colour: Signal Red, Red Ambla interior
Factory fitted: Overdrive, Surrey Top, Heater, Vanity Mirror.
The car was rebuild in 1998 to todays colour metallic blue, being in bits and pieces the years before.

Since I bought the car in 2002, it has undergone a complete mechanical restoration, where every part has been replaced or refurbished.
Engine rebuild, electronic ignition, S/S exhaust system, cross-drilled front disc brakes, shock-absorber conversion in the rear. 
Rebuild of the interior with new panels, safety belts, period radio.

- Silvermedal Concourse D' Elegance at Nationals 2004 in Port Edward.
- Silvermedal Concourse D' Elegance at Nationals 2006 in Hermanus.

A damaged camshaft after the 2006 Nationals and the end of leaded petrol supply in South Africa initiated another restoration-phase:
New SS valves, gas-flowed cylinderhead, conversion to unleaded petrol, new Kent camshaft and cam followers, Facet solid state fuel pump, K&N air cleaners, Extractor manifold with heat protection wrapping. Narrow fan belt conversion and electric fan.
Polyurethane bushes all around, front anti roll bar, gas lift bonnet stays, Halogen head-lights.
Re-spray of the whole car, the engine bay was stripped down to bare metal. Boot lid carrier.
New carpets, Blaupunkt CD-Radio with IPod connection, 4 speaker stereo system.

- Goldmedal Concourse D' Elegance and 2nd best car overall at Nationals 2008 in Bloemfontein.
Christmas 2008 brought some long desired additions: A Mohair soft-top and leather seats.






To round off the restoration lately the car has had the hard top newly painted.

The checkered pattern is a reminiscence to the rally cars of the 60´s.


March 2010: new 87mm pistons and liners, small ends re-bushed


- Goldmedal Concourse D' Elegance and "Best Overall Performance TR4/5/6" at Nationals 2010 in Drakensberg.



Article by Weekend Post Saturday: Sepember 20,2008 My Car

Gold medal Triumph for keen car restorer

Retired Austrian architect Heinrich Koncki talks to Bob Hopkin about an ambitious project which cost a lot of hard work, cash and tender loving care

IT WAS really just a shell of its former self – but thanks to some tender loving care, quite a bit of cash and a lot of hard work, a 1960s sports car now embodies its famous name. George resident Heinrich Koncki and wife Paula are regular participants in the Garden Route breakfast runs now popular with local sports car enthusiasts.

Their immaculate metallic blue Triumph TR 4A IRS always draws many admiring glances.

“Altogether this car has been restored at least three times to my knowledge,” said Koncki.

“First by another owner in Johannesburg – and twice by me!”

The car, which was built at the Triumph factory in Coventry on June 3, 1965, was shipped to its first owner in the then Rhodesia before finding its way down to South Africa where it was left to rot and even had trees and grass growing inside.

Heinrich said he began his search for a sports car to restore soon after he retired and had always had a liking for the Triumph range.

“What I have always admired is their out of the ordinary design.

“In the sixties, when most sports cars had flowing, swooping curves over the wheels, Triumph stood apart from the crowd by employing Italian designer Michelotti to come up with something really special.

“His uncompromising, ‘macho‘ lines on this car really inspired me,” said Koncki.

Although the car was running when he bought it, it had many faults.

“There was a lot of rust, the dashboard was badly damaged by the sun and there were many non-original pieces on the car.

“Over time and with two restoration sessions I am finally happy with the car.

“I just have to fix the temperamental overdrive top gear and then it will be perfect.”

Koncki enjoys the driving experience although he describes the ride as being a real “spine rattler”.

“It is not just a question of getting from A to B, it is the sounds and smells of the experience and the wind in the hair.”

Koncki and wife Paula are both members of the Triumph Sports Car Club and take part in their regular meetings and the special biannual nationals meeting where owners of the marque from all over the country get together for gymkhanas, time trials and concours d‘elegance.

“I finally succeeded in getting the TR 4A classified as a gold- medal winner in this year‘s competition which pleased me immensely.”


Photograph Timothy Twidle


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